Elizabeth Kirby

Dr. Ngo is an amazing doctor. In the past 2 months I she removed cataracts from both os my eyes. For the first time since I was 15, I have 20/20 distance vision and I rarely need my “readers” for close work. I had no pain; no complications; no problems. Everything went exactly as she said it would. My PPC recommended her and I am indebted to her for that. Dr. Ngo will remain my opthomologist for the future. I would give her 6 stars if that option were available.

Angela U.

We LOVE this place. We have a family of 4 and all of us go here. Sure it takes longer then some of our past eye doctors but it is for good reason. They give plenty of time to their patients to make sure they each get exactly what they need to see properly. When we switched over 2 years ago to them it was the first time all of us were fitted for proper contacts. My son has poor vision and his old eye doctors offered no hope on seeing 20/20 or even close. We switched here and it is the first time my son’s eyes with contacts he sees close to 20/20! We will not go anywhere else! Everyone is friendly and supper helpful. They care about their patients!

Bob W.

Dr Ngo is awesome.  Cataract surgery went well, I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a true professional with “steady hands”   I am very pleased that I found Dr Ngo from United Health Care in-Network reviews – all positive.

BillieJean Kelsey

Dr. Ngo is very professional and personable. She listened to my concerns, explained her methods and discussed her findings. I recommend her as an ophthalmologist to all my family and friends, including the younger ones. She will treat you with the utmost care whether the situation is out of the ordinary or routine. 


Maria Torres

Dr. Ngo is the sweetest doctor I ever know… She will explain everything, piece by piece, in the most sweetest tone you will ever hear… She is talkative, peaceful and extremely nice!! I love her! she did the cataract surgery for my mom, and it was a life change!! I will never trust anybody else!! thanks Dr. Ngo!!

Dr. Passmore has the most beautiful personality in the world. He will sit and listen to you and talk to you without problem. He is super sweet with his staff, and he will care for your eyes like family. Very recommended doctor!

Justin Weiss

Dr. Frazee is an awesome doctor with a passion for patient care. He is thorough and was able to diagnose/treat what was a very serious eye condition (I thought something was stuck in my eye. He found a way different problem) and got me on the road to recovery very quickly and I am so thankful to him. I am very pleased with his staff for taking a last min appt. as I just started feeling the symptoms that morning and they squeezed me in right away as I was in so much distress. As an added benefit he plays great music while waiting for your appt. I HIGHLY recommend this Dr. for any of your eye care needs. To the staff and of course Dr. Frazee thank you so much. I will not “see” any other doctor because of my awesome experience.

Scott Wolfe

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Frazee’s for about 20 years. I have a prosthetic eye; so I see him at least once each year. He has always given me solid care and sound advice. His staff has treated me well, and they are generally quite efficient. If I were asked to recommend an ophthalmologist, I would recommend Dr. Frazee.

John Smith

Dr. Frazee has been my family’s ophthalmologist for a very long time. Dr. Frazee has been my family’s ophthalmologist for a very long time. Dr. Frazee has been my family’s ophthalmologist for a very long time.

WL Miller

I have known Dr. Frazee both personally and professionally for over 30 years. He has been my personal ophthalmologist, and I know him to be of outstanding character and with an extensive knowledge in his field. It is because of these reasons that, as a physician, I have referred many of my patients to him for eye care over the years. I would highly recommend him.

Shelley Ceder

I was exceptionally pleased going to North Dallas Eye Center. The staff reflects the professionalism of how the office is run. They were kind and efficient. Right after the
forms were handed back, I was taken into the exam rooms to begin the pre-exam procedures. It took a short time until I saw the doctor. I was very happy with the staff, timing, organization of how the office is run, and the thorough eye exam given.